Terms & Conditions

A nonrefundable 50% deposit will be required 30 days prior to all events to confirm. Full pre-payment (100%) for food costs and 75% pre-payment for the balance must be received 7 days prior to event date. A final billing covering any outstanding balance resulting from requested changes will be forwarded the day after the event.

Expenses incurred by Three’s Catering in advance preparation for the function will be responsibility of the client. In the case an event in canceled, all deposit is paid to date will be retained. In addition, Three’s Catering will assess a fee of 50% of all estimated charges for cancellations from 7 days to 72 hours in advance of an event. Payment of all estimated charges will be required for any event canceled within the 72-hour guarantee period.

Three’s Catering shall not be responsible for any damage or loss of any merchandise or articles brought on location to the event or any left unattended in any function area. Security services are available at an additional expense.

Alcoholic Beverages
The State of Hawaii Liquor Commission regulates all alcoholic beverage sales. Three’s Catering, as licensee, is responsible for the administration of these regulations. Therefore, a prior agreement of purchase either by client or by our company must be understood before the event begins. If Three’s Catering supplies all alcohol, no one may remove said alcohol from event location. If, for instance, client has purchased the alcohol and has solely requested labor to serve said alcohol, Three’s Catering wills till enforce Hawaii State Liquor Commissioner’s rules and regulations. We will make all decisions to stop service when we feel guests have over indulged and have become intoxicated. It is further expected that our client respects and supports such decision should it become necessary to apply. All alcohol is to be dispensed by a bartender of Three’s Catering. We will apply for all necessary liquor permit(s) based on the event location and the requirements of the Hawaii State Liquor Commission.

Three’s Catering is responsible for the quality and freshness of the food served to their clients. Therefore, no food may be brought to an event from another source for service at our event. Due to current health regulations, food may not be taken away from event location once it has been prepared and served, nor may it be kept for future events.

We requires all menus be finalized no later than 15 days prior to event date in order to guarantee availability and price. Last-minute additions may incur a surcharge. Catering contracts will be issued for all organized food and beverage events, and a signature in acknowledgement of the arrangements contained therein will be required a minimum of 15 days prior to service. If dietary restrictions should exist, a minimum of 48 hours advance notification is required. All change orders must be approved by Three’s Catering 48 hours in advance of event. Each change will be handled on a chase-by-case basis.

It is required that Three’s Catering be notified with a tentative estimate of your anticipated event’s attendance 7 days prior to the event. We request your final guarantee by 12 p.m. 72 hours prior to the vent. This will be considered a guarantee for which you will be charged if ewer guests attend. IF the guarantee is more than 100 persons, Three’s Catering will set and prepare 5% above the guaranteed count.

Outside Events
Three’s Catering will offer additional services to make our outside event perfec.t Whatever the needs of our clients, we seek to exceed those expectations. We never want you to be caught in the heat, rain, or wind without a fan, tent or heater. We have tenting to protect your guests as well as to create an ambiance for your special event. We also offer lighting to enhance what Mother Nature already created. Torches always add a special effect to outside functions, and luminarias are exquisite for garden settings. When possible, umbrellas or awnings are also appropriate.